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The Coolest Kids Name Labels & Gifts

Monogram Style Labels


Monogram Style Labels

Choose a crown or flower to surround your first initial and make it stand out! Kids will love to get creative and choose their favourite shape and colours, whether that be a 'hand-stitched' circle or plain diamond, or plain navy or our mix of 'Funky' colours. 

Labels for All Ages

Not just for kids or school, Stuck on You ® also have a selection of labels with more simple designs. For our Monogram Labels you can choose a coloured background with white text and an enlarged initial. These are often preferred by older kids, parents and people in retirement homes and are made from the same quality materials as the entire Stuck on You ® Labels collection.

Monogram Labels are also perfect for teenagers and university students since they have that Varisty vibe, meaning these labels are truly cool for any age! Label those expensive textbooks for classes, and if they're moving into college-label everything! From clothes to pots and pans, Monogram Labels will be the perfect defence to 'long-term borrowing'. 


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